Receive personalized prescription filling and much more from our pharmacy staff at The Medicine Shoppe. Our registered pharmacist and pharmacy technicians rely on their education, skills, and years of experience and accurately fill your prescriptions.


Phillip Ness, RPH

Phillip Ness, RPh, has been the owner and Pharmacist-in-Charge of The Medicine Shoppe since opening the pharmacy in July 1995. He is a graduate of Wofford College and the University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy. He is a certified immunization provider and a certified diabetic shoe fitter.

He has special training in anticoagulant therapy, asthma treatment, and diabetes. Throughout the years, he has worked with doctors and insurance companies through therapeutic substitution activities to achieve cost savings for his patients. He counsels many patients on making lifestyle changes so they can live healthier lives.

Linda Linnen, Head Pharmacy Technician

Linda Linnen is the Head Pharmacy Technician and has been a member of our team for the past 13 years. Her patient communication skills and positive personality make her a huge asset to all of the patients. She is willing to help with any of your health care needs or concerns.